Interactive ARS

Audience response systems sometimes referred to by their acronym ARS, allow participants at a meeting or other event to respond to questions, vote on candidates and prioritize lists of goals or action items. All attendees are able to participate and even the "quiet" people have a voice.

How does an Audience Response System (ARS) work?

Audience Response System (ARS) allows large groups of people to vote on a topic or answer a question. Each person has a remote control with which selections can be made. Each remote communicates with a computer via receivers located around the room or via a single receiver connected to the presenter's computer using a USB connector. After a set time - or when all participants have answered - the system ends the polling for that particular question and tabulates the results. Typically, the results are instantly made available to the participants via a bar graph displayed on the projector.

Registration Management

State of the art registration management with turnkey IT solutions that include (but not limited to):

  • Web/Mobile applications that support online registration/ scheduling
  • News letter designing and targeted email campaigning
  • Customized registration software to suit the event
  • AV solutions that include expertise on LED screens
  • ARS (Audio Response System) for within presentation knowledge testing and also end of day evaluations

Creative Booth Design

A one-stop-shop for complete booth services that comprise:

  • Theme/Concept generation
  • Logo design and imprint of 3D graphics
  • Employment of digital aids such as LCDs/LEDs wherever suitable
  • Digital Content/Animation
  • Architecture assignment and Labor scheduling

Self-Help Kiosk

Reducing time and cue with self-help modules:

  • Self-scan for online registrants
  • Onsite registration for on-the-spot attendees
  • Self-printing of schedules, menu and much more